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Your Gut Health: Make It Better Today

Part Two: Phases Two and Three

written by Dr. Tchiki Davis June 21, 2019
Your Gut Health

Your gut health is important. Many people don’t have a healthy gut which effects weight, mood, and cognitive ability. It can also lead to back pain, depression, and of course, digestive issues. Luckily, you can heal your gut with these changes. If Phase 1 wasn’t enough, move on to phase 2 and 3 to start feeling better today.

Healing the Gut Phase 2

If the tips in Phase 1 aren’t resolving your gut health issues, move on to Phase 2. In this phase, you’ll focus on more nuanced strategies to improve gut health.

7. Try a Ketogenic Diet to Heal the Gut

Although a Ketogenic diet doesn’t seem to work for everyone, it appears to be a good way to reduce inflammation in the body more generally, improve insulin resistance, and clear gunk from the cells. It also tends to be good for getting rid of bad bacteria and parasites. Why? Because the Ketogenic diet is a low-carb diet, and gut bugs primarily eat carbs.

Keep in mind that starting a Ketogenic diet can often result in a few days or weeks of Keto flu—headaches, leg cramps, sugar cravings, and some other annoying symptoms. To prevent Keto flu, make sure you’re getting electrolytes especially sea salt, magnesium, and potassium. An easy way to do this is by drinking homemade “ketorade.”

And if you don’t feel good eating Keto after a few days, stop! If your body is already stressed, Keto can be too stressful for your body to handle. You might instead opt for a moderate to low carb diet just to reduce your sugar intake.

8. Detox the Liver to Heal the Gut
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