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Your Journey to Mastery

You are on a journey to mastery. Mastery is the right thought and the right action at the exact moment you need it. When you have reached mastery, you know what to do and when to do it, without thinking about it. In such moments, you have access to everything you need. This is referred to as being an unconscious competent; I prefer to call it a super-conscious competent.

Martial arts instructors are famous for this type mastery; they are maximally competent in the moment without having to think. In the heat of competition or battle, even the slightest hesitation from analyzing a situation can be fatal. These masters have practiced so hard for so long, that when it is time to use their skills, they have immediate access to them. They are super-conscious competents.

Mastery surrounds you; masters are the silent creators of their lives. They love greatly, live fully and laugh loudly. They are masters of living. People who achieve this state of being have learned the creative process. They have made what seem like difficult decisions in their lives; they have taken financial risks, ended unhealthy relationships, and made great personal sacrifices.  They gave up something of a lower nature for something of a higher nature. All of them have one thing in common: they are the conscious and deliberate creators of their lives.

You can access the same power of mastery through insight, the creative process, a compelling vision, and by predictably improving your moment-to-moment quality of consciousness.  The quality of your life is dependent on your level of mastery. The foundation for life mastery is laid out for you in our “conscious practices” series. Read these practices every day for a month. Take personal note of how and when you use them. Take further note on how they improve your results. These conscious practices have the potential to transform your life. They include:

  1. Conscious Thinking
  2. Conscious Listening
  3. Conscious Speaking
  4. Conscious Relating
  5. Conscious Eating

Create a compelling vision for yourself in the three most important areas of your life – health, finance, and relationships. These are your first steps to mastery.

Mastery is the quality attained by the great legends – past and present. Spiritual leaders such as Moses, Muhammed, Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, and Mother Theresa have inspired billions. Great sports stars like Babe Ruth, Henry Aaron, Wayne Gretzky, or Michael Jordan set a new standard of greatness and made their teammates and competitors better. Great leaders such as Lincoln, Churchill, and Roosevelt reshaped the world and showed us what is possible if we come together.  Masters of life transform the world. They rise above the old ways of doing things and create a new standard. This is the process of conscious evolution.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, Jesus was a master and gave us many examples of his mastery. Jesus was maximally competent in life and death situations. He toppled the status quo more than anyone in history. He challenged everything that the people of that era believed in. He still challenges us today with his thoughts and ideas.

The following story from Jesus’ life illustrates mastery. Jesus was in the middle of an epic battle between the Roman occupation and Jewish legalism. The Jewish leaders of that time, the Scribes, and the Pharisees hated Jesus.  He violated their authority by questioning and confronting every belief of the religious customs they held so dear. Their set of rules and regulations, the law of Moses, had grown out of control. To be a “righteous Jew,” you had to comply with over six hundred rituals and duties daily!  Jesus was a thorn in their side as he pointed out the absurdity of their legalistic theology. The Romans, who occupied Palestine, were also growing weary of Jesus. Roman authorities were concerned that the “King of the Jews” would usurp their authority and incite a military revolt.

The Pharisees conspired with the Romans to devise a plan to trick Jesus into incriminating himself. They used a woman who was caught in the act of adultery to try and trap him. Mosaic Law commanded that due to her infidelity, she must be stoned to death. Roman law mandated that every person must have a fair trial, and adultery was not considered a capital crime. The Pharisees brought this woman before Jesus, the “righteous judge”.  If he complied with Mosaic Law and had her stoned to death, the Romans would take him away for murder. If he let her go, the Jews could imprison him for violating Mosaic Law. He was literally stuck between a rock and a hard place. As the woman sat before Jesus, he remained calm as the crowd grew impatient for his verdict. The Jews waited with stones in hand, ready to kill her, while Jesus played with a stick in the dirt.  The Romans were alerted and waiting close by to arrest him if he ordered her execution. As the woman lay before him sobbing, Jesus paused thoughtfully and said to the crowd of Jewish clerics waiting to kill her, “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” Silence beset the crowd, the mob slowly dropped their rocks and walked away.  It was said of Jesus, “they were unable to trap him in what he said there in public and astonished by his answer they became silent.” Luke 20:26 NIV. This is mastery; with death, imprisonment, and the life of another in his hands, he offered the perfect response at exactly the right time.

Your mastery is present and available to you now. These insights will give you access to the same power that Jesus, or any master has.  Jesus said, “…..you will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these…” Luke 14:20 NIV. He knew that we are all masters.

The creative process will allow you to draw on these distinctions exactly when you need them. You will experience your mastery. You will create a life greater than you could ever expect or imagine.

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