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Your Mind is Persistent

Operating Law Seven

written by Dr. Steven Cangiano May 2, 2019
Your Mind is Persistent

Ask and you shall receive. Everything you have asked for, are asking for, and will ask for, are available to you now. This may sound like new-age psychobabble, but the truth is that your mind is persistent and will push through ten eternities to bring you what you deeply desire (metaphorically speaking). Your mind does not know defeat or compromise, and it does not surrender. You have learned many amazing truths about how your brain works; none of them are worthwhile if it is not persistent. 

 Do you ever feel like giving up? If the answer is yes, how can your mind truly be persistent? The answer is a difficult one. Our universe is forever expanding at an increasing rate. The amount of knowledge is growing exponentially. The ability to process information doubles every 24 months (Moore’s Law). Humanity has transformed the planet in a relative split second. The overall movement of life is a persistent drive toward expansion, your persistent mind is an integral part of this expansion 

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