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Your Mind is Truth-Seeking

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written by Dr. Steven Cangiano April 23, 2019
Your Mind is Truth-Seeking

Truth is survival! As humanity evolved, an accurate assessment of current reality was essential to our continued existence. Truth-seeking is instinctual and allows for a precise calculation of danger. We employ these instincts to this day. If a bus is careening toward us, we immediately evaluate the truth of the situation and move. You can observe these natural instincts in young children. As adults, we continue to seek the truth, covet openness, aspire to transparency and look for congruency in everything and everyone. We want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. 

 Truth comes in many forms and exists on many levels. There are philosophical truths that have been debated for thousands of years. There are objective truths found in nature and science. There are religious truths that require faith, and that attempt to explain the unexplainable. You have developed a set of personal truths that help you navigate your life. Humanity has developed a multitude of intersubjective truths. These truths come from our imaginations and allow us to cooperate on a massive scale. Credit cards are an excellent example. Everyone believes the story of the credit card. You can go halfway around the world, walk into a store owned by someone you have never met, who speaks a different language and prays to a different god, and hand her a worthless four-gram piece of plastic to buy thousands of dollars of goods or services. This is an amazing bit of intersubjective cooperation.  There are objective and subjective truths about life and about you. Which of these truths do you think is the most important?  

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