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10 Ways to Be There for a Partner Dealing with Depression

written by Katie Lemons March 18, 2020
10 Ways to Be There for a Partner Dealing with Depression

If your partner has been diagnosed with or is exhibiting signs of depression, it will be strenuous on the relationship, and it can be stressful for you to figure out how to help. It is a self-isolating disorder that renders both the patient and the patient’s loved ones feeling hopeless and vulnerable.

My husband has been suffering from depression since he was a teenager. He can be triggered by random events or nothing at all, and in the past, I stood on the sidelines, at a loss as to why this was happening and what I should do. His depression has improved substantially due to improved self-care, self-awareness, and appropriate treatment. Over time, I have learned so much about the best ways to support my husband in his time of need. Depression is not an insurmountable condition. You can and should work together to get through the toughest parts. Here are some ways to do just that.

Ways to Support Your Partner

1. Learn about Depression

Depression is a mood disorder that tends to cause a persistent feeling of sadness, loss of interest, and can interfere with your daily life. While depression can manifest differently in different people, there are certain symptoms that are characteristic of depression, including feelings of sadness or hopelessness, changes in appetite, sleep disturbance, loss of interest in normal activities, fatigue, anger, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness, and suicidal thoughts. Depression can also be caused by a number of different factors, the main reasons being abuse, death of a loved one, genetics, a major life event, substance abuse, and other serious illnesses. The more that you learn about depression and its many facets, the better equipped you will be to recognize the symptoms and support your partner. Although there will be hard times, you can still have a healthy and happy relationship.

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