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5 Steps to Bust the Curse of the Unclear Niche

written by Dina Marais February 22, 2019
Curse of the Unclear Niche - Blurred Vision

I have been really going on about clarity and although I may sound like a broken record, it is just too important not to focus on.  Check the relevance of it to you as you think for a moment about the health of your business. Is your business thriving and overflowing with clients lining up outside your door to work with you?

If it is, then you know that your niche is specific, with a clear message that is reflected in your brand, all aligned and without question, it is evident who you are, what you do, who do you it for, and what they get from working with you.  And you know and appreciate what it took to get to where you are basking in the bliss of flow.

If your business is not overflowing with clients, then something is amiss.

There is probably some disconnection between your message and your audience.  They don’t get you, and you don’t get them.  It is like you are speaking French, and they are speaking German.  You don’t get to help the people who need you, and they don’t get the help they need.

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