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6 Reasons Your Love Story Matters

written by Kristen Rocco December 14, 2018
your love story matters

Most of us aren’t into public displays of affection. A little peck here and a hug there maybe, but definitely not full on make-out sessions that would cause other people to squirm. We know our limitations and we save those for private moments. When I was interviewed by Aleisha McCormick of Bridechilla Wedding Planning Podcast, she asked me why all couples should document their love stories even if they aren’t into the mushy gushy romantic stuff. It was a good question for which I had 6 specific reasons.

1. It Brings Your Love Story Into Your Wedding

You’ve built something together as a couple that’s truly special. The culmination of many little moments and experiences have all added up to equal a lifetime commitment to one another. Your wedding is the grand celebration into this next chapter of your lives. Your love story sets the mood and tone for your special day.

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