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7 Techniques to Change the Mind

written by Laura Saltman February 11, 2020
7 Techniques to Change the Mind

Life is simple. Really, truly, it is… but we make it so hard by using our humanness too often. Now legitimately, some people cannot make it out of the sea of despair and into the river of knowledge, and that is on purpose. On a soul level, they have chosen not to awaken and will not resonate with the ease of life. Everything will be hard, frustrating, unfair, or corrupt. For those who are on a longer journey to Love, we hold space and offer them hope and prayer.

If you are, however, someone who understands our unity/interconnectedness and all things awakening, then you are starting to understand there is way more to life than these bodies and just being human. You are souls here to experience the all of everything, from the worst to the best to everything in between. To do this, we must go through challenges and triumphs. You can, however, move through these rather quickly if you are willing to change the mind.

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