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9 Mistakes Women Make In Bed

written by Carly Spindel October 19, 2018
Mistake in Bed

More often than not, your bedroom routine can use a little spicing up. You love your man and expect him to initiate sex, right? Wrong! A relationship takes work. Sex, believe it or not, is part of that work. With a little studying, you can be mistake-free.

Mistake #1: Sweats and/or Pajamas

Comfy clothes are the best, I know. After a long day at the office, all you want to do is change out of your work clothes, and put on your sweats or jammies. But comfy clothes aren’t a turn on for your man. Men constantly complain that once women are in a committed relationship, they stop trying. The sexy lingerie disappears and is replaced with cozy attire.

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