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9 Ways for a Man to Be a Better Partner

written by Barry and Joyce Vissell September 23, 2019
9 Ways for a Man to Be a Better Partner

Over the years of working with men and their relationships, not to mention my own 31-year relationship with Joyce, I have seen some central issues emerge. The last thing I want to do is generalize, saying that all men do this or feel that. However, I have seen certain tendencies which apply to many men. Men can learn to be more vulnerable and become a better partner to their wives by practicing these nine tips in their lives. If any of the following suggestions apply to you, take it to heart. If not, let it pass, but be sure you are not in denial.

1. Learn to take better care of your heart.

Yes, by all means, take care of your physical heart with proper nutrition and exercise. But also take care of your heart of hearts, your soul. Many men seem to have a tendency for workaholism, or as Swami Beyondananda calls it, the “do-be-do-be-do” imbalance. Many men are preoccupied with doing and spend too little time being. How about starting the day with a time of stillness and deep breathing? There are other ways you can find to nurture your inner life, like spending time alone in nature, reading uplifting books, or taking time throughout the day to give thanks for all the good in your life. “Soul-work” is a necessary precursor for fulfilling relationships.

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