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Do Workaholics Make Good Husbands?

written by Dr. Eva Bell June 10, 2019
Do Workaholics Make Good Husbands?

Workaholic husbands often find, to their dismay, that they end up without a family. Almost 50% of divorces are initiated by women whose husbands are too busy at work and find no time for wife and children. Wives are becoming more assertive in expressing their needs and expectations. Husbands cannot just be providers. Many women have become economically independent and therefore less dependent on husbands to bring home the bacon. What women of today are looking for are partners who will treat them as equals, share in the domestic responsibilities, assist in nurturing and disciplining children, and working towards emotional intimacy in marriage.

Why Men Turn Into Workaholics

  • Traditional Upbringing: From childhood, men are brought up with the belief that they are merely providers and protectors. They are to be hard working, logical, brave, and assertive. Girls learn to be obedient, submissive, efficient in housework and in the nurture and care of children. In addition, they must pander to the needs of men.
  • Over-Ambition: Some men are obsessive about their work. Their sense of self-worth comes from their reputation at work, excellence in their profession, financial integrity, and recognition by colleagues and society at large.
  • Wife’s Economic Independence: Men don’t mind successful wives, as long as they are less successful than them. But if a wife is better placed in her job, her husband may subconsciously resent her. Competition takes over. His ego drives him to work overtime until he is on par with or overtakes her.
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