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A Cure for the Imperfect Childhood

written by Linda & Charlie Bloom October 31, 2019
A Cure for the Imperfect Childhood

RD&T’s contributing author, Linda Bloom, shares about the effects of an imperfect childhood, particularly when it comes to self-image, and how one can combat and even cure low self-esteem.

Some of us got off to a rough start in life. And for many of us, our childhood was missing the kinds of experiences that every child needs in order to thrive. Consequently, chances are, we didn’t make it to adulthood with a very high estimation of our value. As children (and to some degree as adults), we tend to see ourselves through the eyes of those whom we trust and depend upon. If those people don’t have a particularly high regard for themselves, then their eyes will mirror back to us the same low self-esteem that they possess.

The Fortunate Ones

Those of us who were fortunate enough to have positive esteem mirrored back to us were likely to come into adulthood feeling secure in themselves and safe in the world. For those fortunate ones, chances are that as children their feelings were welcome, their ideas validated, and their boundaries respected. They felt wanted, cherished, honored, and loved – and probably took it for granted that they were effective in making things happen and were worthy of love and respect.

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