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Accepting Where You Are

written by Oliver JR Cooper October 20, 2020
Accepting Where You Are

After getting to the point where they can no longer carry on living in the same way, one can end up looking for answers. Perhaps something significant has recently taken place, pushing them over the point of no return in the process.

Or maybe, what has been going on hasn’t really changed; it’s just that it has caused them to take a step back. Either way, they will now be in a position where enough is enough and they will want their life to change.

A Big Effect

This may show that their relationships are not very fulfilling or that their career is not going as they want it to go. What is taking place in one area of their life could be having an impact on every area of their life.

It is then not going to be possible for them to compartmentalise this part of their life and to fully focus on other things. As a result, other areas of their life will have slowly deteriorated, making their life even worse.

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