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Achieving Your Dreams Won’t Always Make You Happy

Unless You Have This One Thing

written by Eugene K. Choi September 12, 2019
Achieving Your Dreams Won't Always Make You Happy

Over the past ten years, I’ve had some very awesome opportunities all over the world. I’ve helped women who were victims of human trafficking in the busy streets of Thailand. I’ve created a sense of community among drug traffickers in the extremely violent favelas of Brazil. And I’ve aided terminal patients who were picked up from the streets, to face death with dignity in Mother Theresa’s famous House of the Dying in India. I thought I was living the life of my dreams.

In addition to doing all this work overseas, I also got involved with a non-profit filmmaking group where I had the opportunity to produce, write, edit, and direct films for a good cause. Through this work, I was fortunate to have made films with various celebrities and professional actors that received millions of views on YouTube.

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