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Animal Protein Versus Vegetable Protein

written by Marlene Watson-Tara September 28, 2018
Animal Protein Versus Vegetable Protein

Last month, I had two very interesting health consultation sessions with clients. Both contacted me regarding the confusion that abounds regarding animal versus vegetable protein.

These lads are pounding their bodies at the gym five times a week and eating animal protein three times a day. Yikes!!! Apart from being ‘bulked up,’ they don’t look healthy and both of them have skin and digestive problems, along with a host of other health issues.

Reading their consultation forms about why they are eating so much animal protein inspired me to share with you all what nonsense the media continue to write about strength and muscle mass only coming from eating animals.

So, this is a message to all those out there who think that you need animal products to be fit and strong.

The world’s largest and strongest animals eat plants.  Many of my friends who are athletes were vegetarian for a long time, but almost two years after becoming vegan, they say they are stronger than ever before. They are still improving day by day.

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