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Anxiety and Depression: When Medication Doesn’t Work

written by Dr. Margaret Paul October 17, 2019
Anxiety and Depression: When Medication Doesn't Work

Marianne consulted with me because of anxiety and depression. She had tried various forms of medication, but was not reacting well to any of the drugs. She was exhausted from lack of sleep, and from the intense anxiety that kept waking her up. While there were challenges in her life, like in everyone’s life, none were extreme enough to have this effect on her. She spent her days depressed and her nights awake and anxious.

Marianne had done years of inner work and fully understood that her thoughts create many of her feelings. She was vigilant about thinking thoughts that were positive, so she could not understand why she was having such a hard time. When she awoke at night in a panic, she could not seem to gain control of her thoughts. She would ruminate over and over about the various challenges in her life. She was very discouraged that she had had so much therapy and had done so much inner healing work and still felt so awful. Sometimes she felt like she was going crazy because she felt so out of control over her thoughts and feelings.

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