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Avoid Making Bad Decisions

Part Two: 13 Great Ways To Ruin Your Life

written by Kris Verlé July 15, 2019
Avoid Making Bad Decisions

Making decisions is hard, and it’s especially difficult when we’re afraid of making bad decisions.

8) You Were All Brain and No Gut

Various studies have shown that when we feel happy we’re more likely to be blinded by optimism and the attractiveness of a choice.

Feelings of sadness or slight melancholy, on the other hand, encourage a rather more systematic and realistic look at your options.

As a rule of thumb:

For small decisions, always give more weight to rational arguments; for complex decisions, give more weight to your emotions.

Take note of your physiology.

If you feel your body expanding when visualizing the likely outcome of a particular choice, that’s a good sign.

If you feel your body contracts when visualizing the outcome, then that’s usually a bad omen.

9) You Were All Gut and No Brain

Personal development 1.0 has brainwashed you to always trust your gut.

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