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Avoid the Stress Trap With These Five Tips

written by Dina Marais April 21, 2020
Avoid the Stress Trap With These Five Tips

To venture beyond your comfort zone and into the unknown with ease means finding ways to avoid the “stress trap,” with all its false trimmings of safety and familiarity.

Stress is nothing but a mind-body state that consists of thinking the worst-case scenarios and feeling the emotions of fear, doubt, and anger. When you experience stress on a regular basis, it becomes a state-of-being, and the thoughts and emotions escalate to depression, guilt, shame, and hopeless/helpless.

In a state-of-being of hopeless/helpless, you think of stress situations as personal, pervasive and permanent, and experiencing these emotions becomes an addiction.  It also becomes your subconscious comfort zone and your ego-mind organizes the circumstances in your life to stay inside your comfort zone.

As this becomes your story, you identify with it and your highest frames of self  are: “I am a loser, I will never get out of this, I am just not capable of making something of myself,” etc.

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