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Avoid These Dream Killers

written by Dina Marais April 11, 2019
Avoid These Dream Killers

In my own life experience that has become my work, I have identified these practices as the main culprits that derail us from creating the lives we desire and deserve.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer said:

We are all born geniuses. Then life de-genius us!

What has been a revelation to me that inspired me to do the work I do, is that if this is you – that you are not alone. Not by a longshot. Most people around you are suffering these same ailments.

These practices are nothing to be ashamed of – just things we need to get rid of.

Fortunately, when we move from ignorance to understanding, we immediately have the power to change.  Then it is up to us.


Jim Rohn said to not tolerate self-doubt, as it will kill your dreams and clear out your bank account. He said to go after it and get rid of it.

Self-doubt creeps in like a thief in the night when you least expect it. Sneaky as hell, it can suck the joy out of your inspiration in a moment.

This is because self-doubt is based on unsatisfactory past results that are used as evidence and referent experiences to predict future outcomes. Often these referent experiences are old and outdated and have never been updated to reflect new evidence to the contrary.

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