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Baked Sweet Potato with Cashew Cream

written by Marlene Watson-Tara September 12, 2018
Baked Sweet Potato with Cashew Cream

Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods. Straight from the oven – deliciously sweet and sticky. I love to fill them with some quinoa, vegetables, and a creamy sauce.

These nutrient-dense, packed potatoes make a fantastic lunch or dinner.

They are hugely filling and will keep your blood sugar happy all day. Orange-fleshed sweet potatoes may be one of nature’s unsurpassed sources of beta-carotene. Several recent studies have shown the superior ability of sweet potatoes to raise our blood levels of vitamin A. This benefit may be particularly true for children.  This recipe, and many others from my ‘Power Packed Lunches’ cooking classes, are easy to prepare the night before, pop in a container and take to the office with you.

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