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Be More Confident with Your Body Image

written by Barry and Joyce Vissell October 11, 2019
Be More Confident with Your Body Image

Do you ever feel that other people have fewer body image issues than you? That other people are more comfortable with their bodies? I hate to burst your bubble, but Joyce and I have never met anyone who is at peace with their face and body; who completely accepts how they look or feel in their bodies.

There once was a nightclub singer/performer at one of our workshops who could have won any beauty contest. Her face and body were truly gorgeous, and she moved with such ease and grace that she appeared to be proud of her looks. You can imagine everyone’s surprise when she revealed the depth of her discomfort with her body. She actually felt she was ugly.

Escaping the Judgements

There is such deep conditioning in almost all cultures worldwide. It is hard to escape the petty judgments of our outer appearance, all of which, by the way, are mere projections. If your parents, teachers, siblings, or peers are unhappy with their own bodies, they may project their unhappiness onto you. And if they’re jealous of how you look, it could make their comments even worse.

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