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Belief in Network Marketing

written by Dr. Roger Boger August 17, 2018
Belief in Network Marketing

Beliefs, attitudes and human behavior are the three metaphorical legs of a stable business stool. When the figurative stool is stable, we can trust to rest our lives and businesses on that strong base of support.

In the profession of network marketing, there also exists a three-legged support for success. We must constantly study and reinforce our belief in the industry of network marketing, the company and products we are aligned with, as well as a strong belief in self.

The First Leg of The Stool

When asked the question,”Is this some MLM pyramid scheme?”  I am elated. It is one my favorite question to respond to. I usually say, “What do you know about network marketing?” then wait for the usual responses patiently, and next respond in one of the following ways: “If you knew what I know about network marketing, I couldn’t keep you out of it. This business model represents the most recent step in the evolution of the free enterprise system recently endorsed by Richard Branson, one of the world’s best entrepreneurs.

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