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Break Codependency and Deal with Trauma after Abuse

written by Darlene Lancer September 13, 2019
Deal with Trauma after Abuse

Codependency robs us of a self and self-love. We’ve learned to conceal who we really are because we grew up pleasing, rebelling against, or withdrawing from dysfunctional parents. This sets us up for trauma. As adults, even if we’re successful in some areas, our emotional life isn’t easy. Looking for security and love, most of us struggle to get into or out of relationships. We may remain in unhappy or abusive relationships or try to make painful ones work. Many of us would be content just to find a reprieve from ongoing anxiety or depression.

After the Breakup

However, leaving a relationship isn’t the end of our problems. After initially rejoicing and reveling in newfound freedom, there’s often grief, regret, and sometimes guilt. We might still love the very person whom we’re grateful we left. We may no longer speak to estranged friends or relatives, even children we love or worry about. These are unexpected losses to be embraced.

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