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Break Your Phone Addiction

4 Ways to Make a Change

written by Dr. Tchiki Davis December 16, 2019
Break Your Phone Addiction

More than half of Americans say that smartphones have made it harder to give others their undivided attention. And most of us don’t realize that using our phones during social events actually diminishes our own experience of those events. So we continue to use our smartphones, believing that everyone, except us, is responsible for our unsatisfying social interactions. The truth? We’re addicted to our phones. And only we can fix it.

So what can we do? One answer: don’t use our phones. But that’s easier said than done, right? How is that supposed to work now in the digital age, when we need our phones to get around and stay connected. Here are some simple guidelines for how to break the phone addiction and use your phone wisely.

Break the Addiction

1. Turn off notifications for everything that is non-essential.
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