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Breathe to Stay Sane Right Now

written by Lauren Rice October 16, 2020
Breathe to Stay Sane Right Now

Like many of you, I needed to take some time to find my footing in these uncertain times. After a few days of finding myself constantly wanting to check the news, waiting for some new terror to appear, and feeling brokenhearted for the world, I decided that it was time to get back into the land of the living and get started on what gives me a reason to get up every day…finding ways to help you fine people breathe and BLOOM!

Learning to Breathe

I have been getting requests for a digital series, and so I am working on that for you all currently. I want to create a digital space where everyone and anyone can come and breathe together. Breathing is our lifeblood. It’s what connects us all, our need for air. It is the single most immediate physical need we all have. You can go without food, water, shelter, or love for a little while…but oxygen…minutes at best. Despite this, modern life has made it so that we all have forgotten how to properly perform this most basic and urgent function.

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