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Can You Trust Your Gut Feeling and Intuition?

Part One: The Mystery Of Intuition

written by Kris Verlé April 27, 2020
Can You Trust Your Gut Feeling and Intuition?

In a previous article, I analysed some of the factors that often lead to sorry decision-making. I also mentioned the dangers of putting gut before logic – or indeed putting logic before gut. In the first of this two-part series on intuition, I’ll demystify the gut feeling and look at it from a neurological standpoint. Think Grey’s Anatomy, rather than Final Destination. I’ll also show you when it’s wise to use your intuition, and when it really isn’t.

In Part Two, I’ll then consider the major mistakes and biases you need to be mindful of when applying your intuition. I’ll also provide you with several tools to help you sharpen it.

Mark Twain once said that making good decisions comes from experience, and that experience comes from making bad decisions.

Having turned down a chance to invest in Alexander Bell’s newest invention – the telephone – Twain was arguably very experienced indeed.

But hindsight is twenty-twenty, and when it comes to making poor life choices, I’ll be the last one to throw any stones.

Gut Feelings and Decision-Making

In my online coaching practice, I often come across clients who are facing complex decisions and don’t know how to proceed.

Should they leave their home to pursue a career in another city? Turn their back on a decade’s worth of career capital to follow their passion in an unrelated field? Walk away from a tired marriage where the only intimacy consists of folding their partner’s underpants?

Even ‘smaller’ decisions, like figuring out if a job offer is right for you, saying yes to a new business offer, or talking to your partner about your fears that they’re playing the field, can be hugely stressful and anxiety-inducing experiences.

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