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Career Growth Strategies to Maximize Your Potential

Part One: Planning for Career Growth Now

written by Patrick Ow August 25, 2020
Career Growth Strategies to Maximize Your Potential

Patrick Ow shares insight on career growth strategies and how they can maximize your potential.

Job shopping is getting more strategic, intense, and difficult. There’s now a vast pool of unemployed job seekers, including professionals, who are competing on price, not on value.

When job seekers compete on price (like a commodity), older or more experienced workers will naturally feel “discriminated.” Rightly so. Employers will inevitably hire the cheapest or fastest person. A younger person can do the same job to keep the payroll cost low.

Employees naturally want to be paid more for their accumulated years of work experience. But if those working years cannot be effectively translated into tangible value and accomplishments for future employers, then they will not be employable at their asking price in the future. They have, unfortunately, reached their peak of the performance bell curve. Eventually, they will “die” off. That is, unless, they can reinvent, upskill, or upgrade themselves. They have to keep growing and creating more value!

The ability to create value for employers is vital for the future of work.

A Strategy or Plan for Everything

People do not plan to fail. They fail to plan for the future and implement their strategies and plans.

Here’s the thing:

If you were planning to build your own house, would you forgo drafting up a detailed house plan? Would you randomly build your house with different building materials and any color scheme that comes to mind? Are you hoping or praying that it will become a beautiful home?

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