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Consciousness and Acceleration for Humanity

Part Two

written by Dr. Steven Cangiano March 24, 2020
Consciousness and Acceleration for Humanity

Consciousness and Accelerating Expansion

With our deeper understanding of reality, the structure of the universe informs the structure of consciousness, life, and rising complexity. The following are the theoretical basics. The correlations are abundant; causality must be determined.

Accelerating Expansion of the Universe

A 3600 view of reality shows that accelerating expansion is fundamental to our physical existence and is exemplified in the picture above, illustrating the accelerating expansion of the universe. This recent discovery flew in the face of conventional wisdom and has spawned the relatively new cosmological theories of dark matter and dark energy. The universe is expanding, and this expansion is accelerating. This is the inherent structure of the universe. The question is: Does this structure inform consciousness, rising complexity, and our rapidly progressing existence? In my opinion, it does. The following are a few examples:

Time Compression/Acceleration

Acceleration has been operating since the Big Bang, but only recently has it become obvious in the human experience due to the compression of the time scales of our existence. The following are a few examples of acceleration and rapidly rising complexity. Much of the following is driven by human consciousness:

  1. Geoffrey West, PhD, of the Santa Fe Institute, writes, “We are living in an exponentially expanding socioeconomic urbanized world.” (Scale, Chapter 2) When we contemplate this fact, we must ask: “How did this happen?” Was it conscious and deliberate? Did a group of forward thinkers sit in a room and map out this exponential expansion? No, it is an emergent phenomenon flowing through the path of least resistance which is determined by structure.
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