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Cultivating Self-Love and Attracting Prosperity

written by Dina Marais August 14, 2019
Cultivating Self-Love and Attracting Prosperity

You must have heard the expression, “You are so much more than you think you are.” The other day, the penny really dropped for me on this. Although I have heard it before, I have understood it in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) terms, but never in a spiritual sense. Yet, it’s really a key to cultivating self-love and attracting prosperity.

Apples to Oranges

We are so used to comparing ourselves to other people and feeling less than. But, in fact, we are comparing the wrong things, like comparing apples with oranges. They may both be fruit but are totally different. Right?

In the same way, we are apples and oranges in our human-ness. We are human beings but we are different. The difference lies in our lives, our different journeys, in the results we get, the experiences we have, the cards our lives have been dealt.

Deepak Chopra said that he let go of judgment when he realized that we all are souls trying to find our way. He let go of the human or physical comparison and judgment and realized that we all are the same on a spiritual level.

Our human DNA may differ, but our Spiritual DNA is of the same perfection. We all come from the same Source. We all are expressions and extensions of Source Energy. We are, in fact, Spiritual beings having human experiences.

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