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Do You Need a Spiritual Self-Care Practice?

How You can Easily Start One Today

written by Lauren Rice December 8, 2020
Spiritual Self-care Practice

There is a lot of attention today around the concept of self-care. Running a hot bath, taking a vacation, going to a yoga class, or taking your dog for a walk…all of these things are touted as positive actions you can take each day to improve your emotional and physical health and wellness. Do you also need a spiritual self-care practice?

The trouble is, while all of these things are great, we often don’t make adequate time for them. Sometimes we even struggle to really let go and enjoy ourselves while we are in the act of doing them. This happens even when we know that caring for ourselves helps us. Why is that?

Frequency is Key

Frequency and routine are important for many things. Just ask the doctor you hire to deliver your baby, or the mechanic you pay to fix that funny noise your car is making. We trust these helpers we use and need every day because they have practiced what they do, and they have done it with enough frequency to be better at it than you.

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