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Empower Yourself with Three Simple Reflections

How to Enjoy an Inspiring Year

written by Dina Marais February 15, 2019
Empower Yourself

As you start the new year, I would like to invite you to step back with me and reflect on a few crucial things.

I am sure you have created your awesome vision for the year for your business and life. You probably have set big hairy goals to achieve that vision.

But let me ask you, what drives you? What are your highest intentions behind your vision and goals? In other words, what is your why?

According to Daniel Pink, the author of Drive, we have three main drivers: autonomy, purpose, and mastery.  Autonomy – the freedom of choice in terms of when, how and with whom we work. Purpose gives us the why, and when you are part of a team working for a company, then it is to know how doing what you are doing is contributing to the success of the company. Mastery refers to mastering a skill, expressing our talents with excellence.

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