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Entrepreneurial Dilemma

Pleasure of Freedom vs. Pain of Fear

written by Dina Marais September 14, 2018
Entrepreneurial Dilemma: Pleasure of Freedom vs. Pain of Fear

The Pleasure of Freedom versus the Pain of Fear

If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, then you would know about this dilemma and the havoc it can create in your life.

Yes, it is the freedom of time and money we long for, but then we allow our fears to stop or sabotage us. Your brain sorts for pleasure or pain, and it would do more to avoid pain than to go for pleasure.

Pleasure of Freedom

One of the biggest drives we have as entrepreneurs is that of freedom: To have autonomy over our time and life as a whole. To be able to choose when we work, how we work, and who we work with.

Financial freedom goes hand in hand with having time freedom. Although this looks doable in theory, and on a business plan, it is a bumpy road to enjoy the consistent experience of time and money freedom. It is here where we allow our fears to distract our focus and derail our vision.

It is our fears that prevent us from taking the leap to pursue our dream or even entertain the possibility of it becoming a reality.

Pain of Fear
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