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Exchanging Words of Love on Social Media- Is It Real?

Or Is It An Insincere Exercise to Flaunt Your Love in the Face of Others?

written by Tal Araim May 28, 2019
Exchanging Words of Love on Social Media- Is It Real?

This week I was asked: Is exchanging words of love with your partner on social media real or is it an insincere exercise to flaunt your love in the face of others?

We receive quite a number of questions each week from visitors and members. I answer all questions directly and privately. However, from time to time, we get a question that I think others may also have on their mind. Therefore, sharing may be useful. Needless to say, details relating to the identity of the member who asked will either be altered or omitted to protect the privacy of the asker.

Time Changes Expression

I really liked this question. It is of course very topical as social media has become part of our everyday interaction with all those in our lives, not least our partners. I do have to hold my hand up here and declare that my first reaction to this question was that you are asking the wrong person. I don’t get this new phenomenon of expressing love to your partner on social media.

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