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Father Wounds and Physical Abuse

What Can Happen if a Man had a Physically Abusive Father?

written by Oliver JR Cooper September 16, 2020
Father Wounds and Physical Abuse

While some men grew up with a father who did what he could to protect them and to provide them with a sense of safety and security, there are others who had a radically different father/son relationship. As a result of the latter, the father may have been someone whom they didn’t feel safe around and perhaps did their best to avoid. The person who was supposed to settle the ship, so to speak, would have been the one who did the complete opposite. The area that should have been a safe haven, their home, was a place that often terrified them.

A War Zone

Due to how small and defenceless they were at this stage of their life, they wouldn’t have been able to do anything about what was going on. It would have been as though they were living with an unpredictable and dangerous giant.

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