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Fearing Bisexuality

written by Adam Blum September 30, 2019
Fearing Bisexuality

Bisexuality doesn’t get as much attention as other sexual orientations. Even lesbian and gay people don’t often think about what it is like to be bisexual. I sat down with Gay Therapy Center psychologist Sky Ellen Beaber, Ph.D. to discuss her work and research on the under-discussed topic of bisexuality.


Adam Blum: Sky Ellen, what are the persistent myths about bisexuality?

Sky Ellen Beaber: There are so many stereotypes. For example, that all bisexual people are promiscuous, non-monogamous, or that they are going through a phase and are in denial about their true identity. They are seen as confused. Many people simply believe that bisexuality doesn’t actually exist.

I’ve encountered these myths in both the straight and queer communities. However, my research found that bisexual women perceive even more even stigma from the lesbian and gay community than they do from the heterosexual community.

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