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The Gay Midlife Crisis: It’s a Thing

written by Adam Blum August 6, 2019
The Gay Midlife Crisis: It’s a Thing

Therapists don’t often share their own life stories. Our focus is on you, not us. But sometimes what we’ve learned from our personal challenges can inspire our clients. So here goes. What follows is my experience during my gay midlife crisis.

A couple of years ago, my life looked great. In fact, some would describe it has “gay heaven.” I really did have it good. I had:

  • A wonderful relationship of 25 years (and the sex was still good).
  • A great apartment in San Francisco (and a view).
  • Loving friends and family (with people I could tell anything).
  • An adorable dog (I am not being biased—everyone said she was the cutest dog ever).
  • Meaningful work as a therapist (and a full practice).
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