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Feeling Enslaved By Your Mind?

Learn to Trust Your Intuition

written by Dr. Margaret Paul June 24, 2020
Feeling Enslaved By Your Mind?

In Inner Bonding, we often talk about who is in charge – your wounded self or your guidance. Most people are enslaved by the thoughts and beliefs of their wounded self – their programmed mind. But the mind is meant to be the servant of our inner and higher guidance, not the master. Why do we too often throw away the gift of intuition – of our inner knowing?

Intuition is a sacred gift, the rational mind its faithful servant. Sadly, we have thrown away the gift and have become enslaved to the servant. – Albert Einstein

Imagine living in a society where people trusted their intuition – trusted their feelings and their higher guidance. Could people in this society be easily controlled by government, religions, or the media? Obviously not, because when you trust your own inner knowing, you are not vulnerable to others’ manipulations and lies.

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