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Feeling Safe and Embracing Your Personal Power

written by Oliver JR Cooper July 23, 2020
Feeling Safe and Embracing Your Personal Power

If people are in touch with and are able to express their personal power, there will be no need for them to control others. They will have control over themselves and their own life, which will take away their desire to infringe on another person’s boundaries.

Through being this way, they will be able to assert themselves and to make it clear if they don’t want to do something. They will then be able to express their true self, and this will allow them to fulfill their needs.

A Fulfilling Existence

This doesn’t mean that they will never hide who they are or that their needs will always be met; what it means is that this won’t be something that typically takes place. Living in this way is going to allow them to live a life that is worth living.

Perhaps their life has been this way for as long as they can remember, or maybe it hasn’t been this way for very long. Either way, it could be said that they will be living in the right way.

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