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Finding Your Perfect Partner: Two Key Ingredients

written by Barry and Joyce Vissell February 5, 2019
Finding Your Perfect Partner: Two Key Ingredients

Sharing your life with a loving partner is very rewarding and meaningful. Barry and I met at the age of eighteen during our first year of college. Many people our age met someone in college or in their home town during a social event and got married by the time they were twenty-two years old. That was often the norm for the sixties and early seventies. But now that is far from the norm. There are many people of all ages wishing and hoping they could meet their life partner. And hardly anyone gets married now at age twenty-two.

Since we work with couples, we often ask them how they met. Often they will respond that they met online. Typically, they are somewhat embarrassed when they reveal this, thinking that it should have been a more natural and romantic way of meeting. But we have talked with countless couples who have met online, and they have beautiful relationships and miracle stories to share about how they met. You need not be embarrassed about having met someone online. The “online” part is the practical way the Divine connects two people.

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