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Food That Harms, Food That Heals

written by Dr. Margaret Paul January 22, 2019
Food That Harms, Food That Heals

Our country is stretched to the limit due to the cost of health care. Even with a new healthcare bill, there is ongoing conflict over what we should do to provide people with affordable health care. But the reason that the problem seems irresolvable, and it is a very complex one.

Food That Harms

Let’s take Carrie as an example. Carrie was brought up by parents who knew nothing about good nutrition. Both of her parents worked and had little time to cook, so they often relied on cheap meals such as McDonald’s. Carrie’s mother, frazzled from work and trying the best she could to take care of Carrie and her two brothers, often gave them candy and cookies to get them off her back, and breakfast was sugared dry cereal with milk.

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