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Forgiveness in Relationships

written by Drdrew October 23, 2018
Forgiveness in Relationships

The inability to reconcile unresolved feelings of anger and blame for past wounds can harm physical health and cause immeasurable emotional damage in people’s lives. Only forgiveness offers the potential of healing the emotional and spiritual scars of hurt, betrayal and resentment. Forgiveness restores the possibility of emotional and spiritual health, intimacy, and the creation of new and gratifying relationships.

“Grace is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” —Unknown

A nationwide Gallup poll showed that ninety-four percent of Americans believe it is important to forgive others.  However, the same survey also showed that forty-eight percent said that they actually had tried to forgive those who offended them. It would seem that although most agree that forgiveness is a good idea—knowing when, who and how to forgive, remains elusive.

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