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Four Tips to Keep the Wedding-Planning Peace

written by Kristen Rocco August 11, 2018
Keep the Wedding-Planning Peace

Last year, I watched Ryan Serhant and his fiancé Emelia’s journey to the alter in their Bravo TV show. It did not disappoint in the drama department. As their wedding planning process played out for the world to see, it got me thinking about the thousands of couples facing the overwhelming emotions of wedding planning on a daily basis.

While it seems like a dream from the outside, wedding planning is actually stressful and overwhelming. These negative emotional states can lead to disconnection from your fiancé. What was supposed to be a fun bonding experience becomes anything but.

You know what I’m talking about, right? When you can’t agree with your fiancé about the music playlist. When he won’t help you stuff the invitations which have to go out the next day. When you start a conversation about your rehearsal dinner location and it turns into a fight.

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