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Gay Loneliness and What to do About It

written by Adam Blum June 20, 2019
Gay Loneliness and What to do About It

Gay men are more lonely than straight men. It pains me to write that. Gay men need positive inspiration and role models, not more negative statements. However, I am highlighting this fact because I know it is easier to make changes when we acknowledge painful truths.

The Research

Let’s start by reviewing some of the research on gay people. Academic journals can be incredibly boring so let me give you the brief highlights:

Research shows:
  • Gay people are a lot more likely to commit suicide than straight people.
  • Gay men have fewer close friends than straight people or gay women.
  • Gay men are much more likely to be depressed than straight men.

Statistically, why are we worse off on these measures of mental health? Is it something we ate?

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