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Gay Rights: Financial & Legal Obstacles

written by Dr. Brand Doubell August 24, 2018
Gay Rights: Financial & Legal Obstacles

For some unexplainable reason, many people have the idea that gay folk are always rich or part of the upper-class. Just like it is with all other stereotypes, this one is also not based on reality. The community of gay people are a perfect example of the fact that it takes all types.


According to Lee Badgett, professor of economics and director at The Williams Institute linked to the UCLA Law School, their research found that gay Americans are more likely to be poor than heterosexuals. 

There may be many reasons for this, but one that stands out is the fact that gay couples aren’t accepted by the government in many states. That means that certain benefits for poor people just aren’t available for LGBT couples. Ironically, the straight population do not take this seriously because in their mind, all homosexual people are rich. 

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