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Give Yourself a Boost with an Energy Audit

written by Dominique Mas June 9, 2020
Give Yourself a Boost with an Energy Audit

Dominique Mas challenges you to give yourself a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual boost with an energy audit

This weekend, I spent quite a bit of time re-reading parts of David Eagleman’s wonderful book, INCOGNITO: The Secret Lives of the Brain.

Here is a paragraph taken from it:

Your brain is built of cells called neurons and glia—hundreds of billions of them. Each one of these cells is as complicated as a city. And each one contains the entire human genome and traffics billions of molecules in intricate economies. Each cell sends electrical pulses to other cells, up to hundreds of times per second. If you represented each of these trillions and trillions of pulses in your brain by a single photon of light, the combined output would be blinding.

Isn’t this truly awe-inspiring?

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