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Going Vegan – The Way to Health and Longevity

My Vegan Life

written by Marlene Watson-Tara August 22, 2019
Going Vegan - The Way to Health and Longevity

We all have difficulties in our lives. Sometimes our problems may seem small in comparison to others but ultimately, they are a large part of what defines us. Our personal story has great potential value to us if we can learn and grow from it. Sometimes it can be of value to others as well. I hope that my story can be of value to you. In my latest book, Go Vegan, I am telling my story as a way of explaining why the issue of health has always been important to me and why I moved to a whole food plant-based diet and vegan life.

A Day in the Life of You and Your Fork with my Whole Food Vegan Diet

Like many people, my early experience of sickness drew me to discover all I could about health. From a very young age, I struggled with so many ailments: tonsillitis, adenoid inflammation, chronic constipation, hives, gallstones, and later in life, PMS and infertility. I say this not out of any wish for sympathy or feelings of self-pity, but as a framework for what I have discovered and what I hold to be of value. Compared with many, I have had a very blessed life.

I was a Dairy-Food Addict

As a youngster, I didn’t like meat but ate lots of dairy foods: milk, butter, cheese, yogurts, and eggs. I loved helping mum in the kitchen and really became interested in food.

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