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Going Within to Transform

written by Dominique Mas November 13, 2019
Going Within to Transform

“What I really need is to set goals for myself, “ I told my coach at the start of our call. “If I knew what I was working towards, I would be able to take action,” I continued. Within thirty minutes on this call, I was in tears, admitting both to my coach and to myself that what I really needed was the exact opposite of goal-setting; I needed to go within.

I needed to take time out, to stop thinking, and to make space.

I was craving direction and was desperate for anything or anyone to give me a clue. None came. I always felt lost and at a loss because there was no way for me to make a choice. When I tried to look towards the future, a dark curtain would shut in front of me and there I would be, back to square one and forced to sit in my own discomfort.

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