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Having Self Control in a Relationship

written by Dr. Carol Morgan November 19, 2018
Having Self Control in a Relationship

Having self-control will get other people to value you more, according to a study by Duke University researchers published in June 2013 in Psychological Science. When people feel valued, they are more satisfied in their relationships. People can learn to control their thoughts and behaviors. However, it requires having self-awareness and paying attention to how your behaviors affect other people.

Self-Control Contributes to Relationship Fulfillment

People with high self-control are less likely to sacrifice their needs for other people. Therefore, to have self-control in a relationship, you need to first determine your own needs and desires. Once you have a clear sense of yourself, then you will be able to express what you want to your partner more accurately. When people feel like their needs are being met, they tend to have more self-control. Lack of self-control usually happens when people are lashing out because of unmet emotional needs.

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