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Healing Guilt: 7 Steps to Forgiving Yourself

written by Andrea Brandt, PHD, MFT July 21, 2020
Healing Guilt: 7 Steps to Forgiving Yourself

Your ability to forgive yourself and practice self-compassion is a vital element of self-esteem. When you carry feelings of guilt and shame, it’s impossible to feel good about yourself. You believe you have done something wrong (guilt), or believe that you, as a person, are wrong (shame). Forgiving yourself will help lift the heavy burden of these emotions and increase your feelings of self-worth.

Guilt and Forgiveness

You’ve transgressed, you’ve broken a rule or gone against your moral code, and now you feel guilty about it. The guilt is uncomfortable; it gnaws at you. Everywhere you turn, it seems like the universe is reminding you of what you did wrong, and you don’t know how to stop feeling bad. The only way you will resolve the uncomfortable emotions you’re experiencing is to forgive yourself.

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