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Healthy Vegan Snacks for Optimum Health

Snack on the Foods You Were Born to Eat

written by Marlene Watson-Tara June 19, 2019
Healthy Vegan Snacks for Optimum Health

You can literally eat your way to optimum health and achieve your ideal weight by following my wholefood plant-based vegan dietary snack and meal recommendations.

Eat at Least Three Meals a Day

Never skip breakfast or lunch because the metabolic rate naturally peaks at noon and decreases after that, so the food you eat at night is far more likely to be stored as excess fat compared to the food eaten earlier in the day. It’s best to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day by eating frequent, smaller meals. I highly recommend a snack around 4:00 PM, right during the time when blood sugar, mood, and serotonin tend to plummet. This snack can also keep you from overeating at night when you get home.

My advice to all my clients and students is to feel free to snack on healthy plant-based mini-meals as your snacks throughout the day. That is the answer. It is almost impossible to overeat or to eat too many calories when following a wholefood plant-based diet.

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